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Scrambled Eggs (The Original Lyrics to Yesterday)

Being a big Beatles fan, I have heard that Yesterday, arguably one of the greatest ballad's of the 20th century (along with the most often played and recorded songs of the 20th century as well), started out with the title Scrambled Eggs.

As the story goes (and maybe Paul will shed some further light on this in "The Beatles Anthology" Autobiography to be released?) Paul McCartney had just woken up (or just gone to bed) and had a melody just "pop" into his head. Paul credited the time between sleep and being awake (or the Twilight Zone, as he called it) with some of his songs...  Yellow Submarine is an example of "Twilight Zone" inspirations from Paul.  Not knowing if he had heard it before when he was younger or what, Paul rolled out of bed and started to find the melody on the Piano....

That's how the tune that became Yesterday was born.

Now the problem is that Paul had problems finding lyrics to go with this nice melody...  This is where the story becomes vauge and tough to piece together.  Paul kicked the song around some and he had kept it inside the Beatles for a while before it's release in 1965...  I'm just not sure how exactly he got inspired to use "Scrambled Eggs" in the first place (besides the 3 syllables).  The below lyrics were posted on a Usenet Newsgroup when I came across them...  Jane Asher (Paul's girlfriend early on when the Beatles were becoming big) had a hand in getting these "lyrics" out in the open (it was either published in a book by her, or she jotted these down somewhere) that Paul had been using when trying to complete the Melody that'd later become Yesterday .

This IS NOT an official lyrical release of Scrambled Eggs.  For all I know, the person who originally posted these lyrics was simply joking when he posted them.  I found them funny, and they fit Yesterday pretty well.    

Scrambled Eggs (McCartney)

Scrambled Eggs
Have an omelet with some muenster cheese.
Put your dishes in the wash bin please
So I can clean the scrambled eggs.

Join me, do
There are lots of eggs for me and you
I've got ham and cheese and bacon too
So go get two and join me, do.

Fried or sunny-side
Just aren't right. The mix-bowl begs.
Quick - go get a pan
And we'll scram-ble up some eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs.

Scrambled eggs
Good for breakfast, dinnertime or brunch
Don't buy six or twelve - buy a bunch
And we'll have lunch
On scrambled eggs.